Art in Education

Art for Pre School, Primary and Secondary School 


Burning Light Arts offer one off workshops by a DBS checked artist covering a wide range of materials and processes. Sessions are adjusted according to age and ability whether for Pre School, Primary or Secondary Schools, or for adults in the Community. Workshops provide the opportunity to explore new materials and/or processes.  A session or half day is up to 3hrs though some workshops need to take place over a full day/2 sessions.  A full day/2 sessions are also recommended for older pupils and some adult sessions to include in depth preliminary research, design and sketchbook work.

See below for workshop ideas.

Previous School Projects:

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Workshop Ideas

Textiles workshops

  • Exploring textile processes and applications, from colour on cloth, to hangings to 3D structures.
  • Cold or hot wax batik, print and painting.
  • Weaving large and small scale to create loom pieces and 3D pieces.
  • Using heat set loose fibres to create sheet fabric and 3D shapes.

Painting and drawing workshops

  • Exploring colour and historical artists through discussion, drawing and paint  materials: eg. Collage, paint, chalk pastel, pencil.
  • Exploring tone and negative shape through Still Life drawing / natural object drawing – materials: eg. Charcoal, pencil, pastel, ink.
  • Exploring composition and structure through discussion of contemporary artists through discussion, process and materials: eg. Collage, paint, chalk pastel, pencil.

Clay workshops

Clay is not permanent unless fired. Firing is not included but can be arranged.

  • Exploring 3d structure and the properties of clay with rolling, pinching, pressing, coiling, slabbing and slips. To create eg. Models, pots, small sculptures.
  • Exploring relief work through pressing and building up: eg. Plaques, scenes, character heads.

Willow and natural materials workshops​

  • Exploring 3d structures and the properties of willow, creating working willow lanterns eg stars, globes, pyramids.
  • Exploring the outside, finding natural materials to create images and objects: eg. Journey sticks, leaf crowns, flower patterns, temporary outside installations, natural object characters.

Model making

  •  Using card, plastics and paper to measure, cut and use templates to create a range of 3D models.

Plaster workshops

  • Exploring casting processes and working with plaster to create relief panels from clay and found object moulds (this workshop compliments clay workshop 2)
  • Exploring armature structures and Modroc creating sculptures: eg. Creatures, stylised people, fantasy buildings, abstract structures.

Recycled materials workshops

  • Exploring the potential of recycled materials to create structures and objects eg. Characters, sculptures, garments, costumes.

Mosaic workshops

  • Exploring the potential of mosaic using coloured paper or soft cut tiles to create designs to a chosen theme from own or pre prepared templates.
  • Exploring mosaic materials and processes through the direct method or indirect method, creating durable, designs from own or pre prepared templates.These could be pebble or tile mosaics or tile mosaics on an existing base (plates, tiles, mirrors, coasters, exterior flags).

Print workshops

  • Exploring mono printing techniques on paper using printing inks, acrylics, found objects, stamps.
  • Creating relief printing blocks from a range of materials to create pattern and texture on paper or material.


Burning Light Arts can take your ideas (however tentative!) and work with you to develop them into a project that will engage and excite. Projects can evolve from the extension of a workshop process or a school theme being developed. It can start with the idea of creating an event, exhibition, or new commission in school and how this involves the pupils. A project can be linked through a series of schools, or a single school, or selected school groups. An integrated project will bring extended benefits to your school. Experiences are extended and potential unlocked as new ideas and new materials/processes are explored. In depth involvement will create a sense of pride in their achievements or ownership of a new commission. Pupils will explore new things and new ideas, generate lasting enthusiasm and have fun whilst creating significant, positive memories. They will see a final outcome and can be given the opportunity to understand the journey that created it.  Past projects include thematic workshops linked to arts weeks, commissions (outdoor and indoor), exhibitions and events.


Burning Light Arts has the experience to offer your school, community or organisation a full commission service. Outdoor, indoor, temporary or more permanent pieces will be designed to suit the spaces and people you wish to engage. With experience in many materials and processes, including installation and project management, a commission will be created to your requirements and budget.