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Covid 19 Statement

Burning Light Arts (Helen Yates) will continue following Government Covid 19 guidelines. Measures introduced are: All client health and safety/Covid policies will be respected and adhered to. A session plan and risk assessment (if required) will be submitted for client approval. The artist will undergo testing as recommended. Only 1 school or venue will be visited per week. All session materials and equipment will be cleaned before being introduced into the session. Any that cannot be cleaned will be stored for 72 hours before re use.

Sample Risk Assessments:

I offer creative activities that support meaningful engagement in schools and communities.

If you wish to commission an art work for your school, or discuss activities more suited to your school or community needs, feel free to contact me or check my website.


Workshop Sessions @ £210 per day (£190 per day, 3 days or more) @ £135 per half day

Preparation (Depends on the workshop complexity) @ £150 per day @ £75 per half day 

Meetings @ £20 an hour plus travel expenses

Research and Project Development (1 – 3 Days dependent on complexity and project length) @ £150 – £180 a day dependent on project length

Commission Design and Make  (where applicable) @ £150 – £180 a day dependent on project length

Mileage Chargeable over 20 miles

Materials Workshop materials, commissioned art piece materials costs and any manufacturing costs will be costed out and added to the fees. Schools materials and equipment will be used wherever feasible. 

Studio Classes

2024 Prices and Forthcoming Dates 

Please contact for current details

Expressive Drawing

Drawing Course

Acrylic Introduction

Painting Course

Wire Work

Mosaic Course